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Services to Organizations

I bring a significant range of experiences to the table when it comes to working with organizations. From young to old, girls to boys, recreation to elite I have had a chance to work with a wide variety of clients. Regardless of who your group serves, I can help you provide a developmentally appropriate program that can be both fun and challenging.

In House Training
I create professional, meaningful sessions and activities that meet the specific needs of your group. Learning opportunities can be developed for the field, classroom or both. These events meet objectives selected by you with the ultimate goal of providing a better experience to your players, coaches, parents and administrators.

Some Popular Services Include:
 • Coach Training
 • Player Training
 • Curriculum Planning and Implementation
 • Player Tryouts and Evaluations
 • Organization Analysis and Strategic Planning
 • Speaking Engagements

If any of this looks interesting, call or email me. We can discuss some of the options above or explore other ways in which I can help.
Periodically I offer self designed coaching courses, presentations, clinics and workshops. Interested in bringing a course or clinic to your community? Need a course that addresses a topic not seen below? Contact me to talk about possibilities.

Sample Classes Include:
 • Coaching Very Young Players: Games That Teach
 • Understanding Technique and How to Teach It
 • Principles of Play and Tactical Training
 • Player Functions and Systems of Play
   (603) 483-2421
Coach Training

Coaching Analysis
I observe and take notes as the team coach runs a training session with his or her team.

I typically evaluate the effectiveness of the coach's ability in the following areas:
 • Planning a session that connects to a single theme or topic.
 • Conducting appropriate activities that help teach the selected topic.
 • Producing a quality progression of activities from beginning to end of the session
 • Teaching using efficient and effective methods
 • Recognize and address technical and tactical elements that relate to the selected topic

At the end of the session we discuss my observations and talk about strengths and possible areas to improve.

Optional Services Include:
 • Practice plan submission and feedback prior to session
 • Video Analysis of Session

Education Events
Designed specifically to meet the needs of an organization. These events can take place in a classroom, on a field or both. Evening, half day and whole day programs can be designed and presented. I discuss potential needs and interests with the hosting organization and select appropriate topics and methods of presentation. Whether a group is initiating new coaches or looking to sharpen the skills of veteran coaches, I can put together a learning experience that will benefit all attendees.

Player Training

During each soccer season I am able to work with a few teams, clubs and organizations to provide professional training for their players. Contact me for details and availability.
Curriculum Planning and Implementation

With my background as a Physical Education Instructor, Coach and former Director of Coaching for the NH Soccer Association I have been able to study, create and implement an array of developmentally appropriate programs. I am able to meet with coaches, technical directors and administrators to assist in creating teams, clubs and leagues that reflect current best practices in youth sports and education.

Sample areas of focus include:
 • Age & developmentally appropriate topics for training
 • Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal, Annual, Multi Year Planning for teams or the league.
Player Tryouts and Evaluations

I have helped a number of clubs plan for and conduct tryouts and player evaluations. Different clubs have used me in different capacities that include:

 • Meeting before tryouts with the club Technical Director or Staff to discuss appropriate activities and evaluation techniques.

 • Acting as a third party evaluator during tryouts in order to submit an unbiassed report on players.

 • Running the tryout activities so the club coaching staff can focus solely on player evaluation.
Organization Analysis and Strategic Planning

Typically organizations that look for help in this area are concerned with the quality of their program. They are looking for insight on how to make improvements for their players and coaches.

We often begin with a meeting to discuss concerns and the overall structure of the program. One or more on-site observations are usually conducted. These may take place during training sessions or at games. A follow up meeting is held and observations are shared. The meeting, and process, concludes after helping develop concrete strategies for implementing improvements.
Speaking Engagements

I have been a presenter and speaker at professional conferences and workshops for nearly twenty years. I have addressed groups at local Physical Education Conferences as well as national US Youth Soccer Conventions. I am available for speaking engagements to players, parents, coaches, administrators or all of the above. Motivational or informational topics can be the focus.